RESCUE!® Ant Baits use a dual-bait gel formula unlike anything else on the market – delivering fast, effective and complete results.

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To understand the RESCUE!® advantage, let’s compare the alternatives…

SOLID-BAIT FORMULA: Somewhat Effective, But Not Fast

Solid ant baits contain a block of sugar and protein, mixed together. Ants chew off chunks of the bait and carry it back to the colony. Then there’s more work to be done. The ants must extract and separate the food based on different needs of the colony: workers get sugar, and larvae need protein. But the poison in the bait kills off some of the workers before they ever get the food separated. Since both foods are represented, this bait can kill the entire colony – but it takes a long time.

LIQUID-BAIT FORMULA: Fast, But Not Effective

A liquid-bait formula contains sugar only. The bait is easily ingested… often, too easily. Some ants tend to over-indulge as they slurp up the sugar and end up drowning in or near the bait station.

The bait that is transported back to the colony will be shared – but only with the other workers. The larvae and queen need protein… and since they don’t eat the sugar bait, they survive to keep the colony going.


The RESCUE!® bait attracts the ants that are near it. Those ants reaching it first make pheromone trails for other ants to follow.

The sugar and protein are in a gel form, in separate compartments. Ants enter and travel up a ramp to get to the bait, taking just enough sugar or protein to efficiently carry it back to the nest.

The sugar gel is easily fed to the other workers, while the protein gel is consumed by the larvae and queen – ensuring the entire colony is wiped out within days.

The dual bait advantage of RESCUE!®  Ant Baits delivers fast, effective, and complete results.